Specialty Lines For Unique Faces

The River’s Edge Optical takes pride in offering a wide variety of spectacle frames from budget friendly to premium designer lines and everything in between.  We want to be your family’s one stop optical shop.

With that being said, we know that one size does not fit all.  Just like in clothing, we have BIG AND TALL and PETITE LINES. The same applies to spectacle frames.

If you are petite, have you ever tried to find a proper fitting frame, finding that you had to settle for a larger frame then needed? Or worst yet, a child’s frame with a Disney logo on it?

If you are Big and Tall and wanted to wear the fashionable Oakley frames that your co-worker was wearing, but felt you had to squeeze your head into it, then we have the answer for you. The day is no more that the only frames that fit you properly are styles made from years gone by.

The River’s Edge Optical staff makes it a point to search and find frames that fit our patients properly; even the most difficult of fits.  If we hear of a designer expanding their frame sizes to fit petite and/or big and tall, we will get them in.

The tailoring of an eyewear frame is not just cosmetic. It can affect the vision you obtain with your new spectacle lenses.  If your eyewear is too large or too small for you, it will cause your glasses to slide down your nose, in turn distorting your vision. Never mind the permanent grooves in the side of your head you have from wearing a frame that is too narrow for your face or the sores that appear behind your ears caused by your glasses constantly sliding. If you thought you have to live with this, we are telling you that you do not.

Listed below is just a small sampling of frame manufacturers that can cater to your requirements. We will work with you to find the best frame that fits you properly, compliments your looks and works with your life style.