The River’s Edge Philosophy



The River’s Edge Optical, located in Dakota Dunes, South Dakota, has developed a reputation for providing unparalleled optical service. For the past decade, The River’s Edge Optical has established eyewear trends for Siouxland, beginning with our “Unique Look” eye wear frame guarantee and our constant updated eyewear selection. Over the years, our mission has grown to be an optical center that can provide a solution for every family and individual patient. The philosophy of The River’s Edge Optical continues to evolve. This ranges from our outstanding assortment of budget-friendly frames to the most comprehensive selection of premium eyewear found in the region. Our designer names Chanel, Tom Ford, Fendi and Prada lead our eyewear collections.

The River’s Edge Optical, in conjunction with the doctors of Dunes Eye Consultants, also provide the most comprehensive contact lens services in the region. With cutting-edge technology, experienced opticians and doctors focused on problem solving for vision corrections, the contact lens department at The River’s Edge Optical has grown to several thousand patients.

The growing nature of the business at The River’s Edge Optical comes back to the basic premise that we want to be your optical center. We have changed, we have grown and we have continued to be innovative. Most importantly, we have listened to our patients, and we continue to try to provide as many options for you as possible. As you explore our website, you will learn more and more about the intricacies and nuances of our optical center, including the “Unique Look” guarantee. You may learn more about this guarantee in the Boutique section. We will only sell the same designer frame once, guaranteeing that the patient will not have anyone else in the region wearing his or her particular frame! This is unheard of in the optical industry.

Our price guarantee means we know what the prices are in an apple-to-apple comparison for the products that we offer. There is a diverse range of products available out there, from products not made in this country and not FDA approved, to the highest standards available in optics. We offer an expansive selection and are able to provide patients with good, better and best in all types of lens solutions. We will also match anyone’s price on the same product sold in our optical center. We constantly review competitor pricing and we know where the marketplace is for the products we sell. We are confident that it helps build trust and confidence with our customers so they know we want them to have the best products at the best available prices to meet their needs.

In summary, The River’s Edge Optical is different. We look to the future as we continue to expand our product lines. It took us several years to bring in the Chanel eyewear line, working to convince the distributor that an optical center in South Dakota could merit the standards set by the Chanel design team. Our performance eyewear department is growing rapidly with patients seeking out solutions for activities that they enjoy such as biking, fly fishing, golfing and the specialized lenses to help them in all types of lighting conditions for optimized vision performance. Eyewear is a growing need with the near-point stress syndrome that is now being seen. We also have solutions for that.

We have heard throughout the years by practice management consultants and optical business consultants that you cannot be everything to all people. We heartily disagree. We feel we can provide solutions for every patient regarding their budget needs and their goals in their eyewear and vision performance. We just think it takes extra effort, hard work and a willingness to try to provide those solutions. We will do that for you. We want to be your family’s optical!