Performance Eyewear

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One of the fastest growing departments at The River’s Edge Optical is the sale of performance eyewear.  Performance eyewear is rapidly becoming one of the most important accessories to enhance performance in sporting, gaming and outdoor activities. Tinted lenses were historically used mainly for protection against UV exposure and the environment, but today’s performance eyewear combines the basic protection element into advanced frame designs, optimized tints for specific lighting conditions and digitally created lenses with specialized coatings to optimize vision capabilities.  Activities such as fly-fishing, golfing, bike riding, skeet shooting, and hunting all have different visual demands under various lighting conditions. Plus, they are often in different environments where wind, temperature and precipitation can influence the specialized design of the eyewear. Performance eyewear is now available in growing applications, able to provide the best possible optics, maximum protection, technology advanced frame design and multiple lens options to the individual seeking to optimize their performance in sports, gaming or outdoors activities.

Recognizable names like Oakley, Maui Jim, Rudy Project, Smith Optics and Kaenon highlight the major collections offered by our performance eyewear department.  The River’s Edge is developing solutions for each particular activity through our opticians’ and vendor recommendations.  Together they form a team to provide patients with different types of options to get them the visual performance they are looking for. It’s an exciting time as our patients and customers love this option and we have the team to help them find the right solution.

It has become current standard of care in vision medical practice, to advise patients of all ages about long-term exposure to ultra violet light as it pertains to their eye health.  Cataract formation, ocular surface disease such as dry eye, abnormal tissue growth and macular degeneration have all been linked to exposure to ultraviolet light over long periods of time.  Individuals spending a lot of time in sunlight require the optimized protection with UV filtration to ensure their eyes are being protected.  In addition to maximum UV protection the need for optimized optics has become a driving force in new lens technology for sunwear and performance eyewear.  Clarity of vision is critical.  The optics become more important because the pupil dilates behind tinted lenses.  Therefore, optical clarity and reduced aberrations help minimize eyestrain and discomfort when wearing eyewear in exposure to sun for long periods of time.  Almost all the brands offered at The River’s Edge Optical also have prescription eyewear capability allowing patients to have options in multifocal, single vision and a customized approach to their visual needs.

Performance eyewear also encompasses the need for treating digital eye fatigue, which is a rapidly growing concern for those who are gaming or involved with extended computer, iPad, and smart phone use.  GUNNAR Optiks is a featured product at The River’s Edge and has allowed patients to have comfortable, high contrast vision with reduced glare helping provide both clarity and comfort for the digital technology user. Digital eye fatigue is a growing problem among patients with normally good vision. But with the right performance eyewear application, eyestrain, headaches and blurred vision can be minimized.

Most households in America today have more than one television.  Most Americans have more than one pair of shoes.  The educated eyewear consumer realizes that one pair of glasses typically cannot solve every visual performance demand they have or need.   The specialization into more performance-based eyewear is a rapidly growing trend and one which will accelerate in consumer demand over the next decade. At The River’s Edge Optical we are positioned to be an educational resource for performance eyewear and the supplier of the best possible customized solutions. Whether it is working all day at the computer, spending time at the golf course, or out on the water, having performance eyewear as part of your personalized vision correction options will allow optimized protection of your eyes and overall enhancement of the particular activity you are enjoying.