The River’s Edge Optical Boutique

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When you shop at The Eyewear Boutique located within The River’s Edge Optical, you will discover one of the upper Midwest’s most unique optical stores. What sets us apart from other optical stores is our commitment in offering trend setting selections of eyewear, which our discerning customers and patients have come to expect from us. The Boutique is a designer eyewear gallery displaying some of the region’s most exclusive eyewear collections including Prada, Lafont, Tom Ford and Fendi. The Boutique at The River’s Edge Optical offers the newest eyewear designs available on the market with a constantly changing inventory and selection. Adding to this great selection of eyewear is the knowledgeable and caring staff of The River’s Edge. Stepping into The River’s Edge Optical you will quickly realize you have discovered one of the best optical stores in the region.

The Boutique in The River’s Edge Optical originated out of a need for delivering stylish eyewear for the region. At its inception, The River’s Edge Optical started displaying samples of unique eyewear frame designs and found this niche in the optical market was met with high demand. It grew our optical business from a regional standpoint and we discovered that we needed to expand our offerings. Patients reported they did not have to travel to Minneapolis, Kansas City or other large metropolitan areas to find the most stylish and fashion-forward eyewear. As our customer base evolved, so did our industry exclusive philosophy of providing a unique-look guarantee; selling the same exact premium designer frame only once from our Boutique and protecting our customers’ investment in their personalized eyewear fashion.

The unique-look guarantee is a very simple concept, but yet so very innovative in the optical retail business. The River’s Edge will only sell the same designer eyewear frame once from our collections in the exact same style and color. We never reorder identical parameters! On occasion, this can be met with frustration by those who love a particular eyewear design and want to purchase the same exact frame they saw their friend or acquaintance wearing. However, we protect the individual’s right to have a customized, tailored approach to the eyewear they purchase from our store. We respect your investment and individuality in your eyewear look. As a result, our Boutique inventory constantly changes. It is very exciting for our customers to know that every time they walk in, something new in fashion eyewear will be displayed. It also behooves them that if they do find a frame they love, they may want to acquire it before it is gone because we will not reorder anything in the exact duplicate! This has been met with a very positive response from our patients. Although our customer base has grown to the thousands, we still love the individual care we provide. The River’s Edge staff embraces the daily excitement of delivering eyewear from The Boutique because of the unique-look guarantee and the customer satisfaction reported. As far as we have researched, no other optical we know of will only sell a designer eyewear in the exact parameters and colors once, making us a unique destination for purchasing premium fashion forward optical solutions. Protecting your individual eyewear investment and insuring the tailored, customized look created just for you is something you can expect from the opticians at The River’s Edge. To learn more about the unique-look guarantee click here.

The River’s Edge Boutique is not standing pat with its current eyewear selections. We are constantly evaluating new designers to find the type of eyewear that our customer base is demanding. We insure they offer quality in their craftsmanship and unique designs. All of the eyewear frames sold at The River’s Edge Optical, including The Boutique, carry warranties against breakage and manufacturer defect. Most of these are good for a minimum of 12 months, protecting your investment in your premium eyewear.
Designer eyewear is unique. It requires tailoring and a customized approach that our opticians at The River’s Edge are willing and able to achieve. They make the extra effort in order to create a sensational eyewear solution for every customer they work with. We take this opportunity to serve you seriously because it is a significant investment for a patient to purchase a designer eyewear frame. We want everything to match perfectly in terms of what you are looking for in a fashion-forward eyewear product and experience.

Our customer base is growing and we are discovering more people are interested in purchasing multiple pairs of eyewear for different looks according to the particular style they are trying represent. Whether it is casual, dress, business or play, eyewear can certainly change the appearance of the individual. Multiple pairs of eyewear is a paradigm shift for many people who despite having several TVs in their home or hundreds of pairs of shoes, always thought one pair of glasses defined who they are. In fact, it is exactly the opposite. It only defines them at the moment they are wearing that particular eyewear selection. Once they put on a different frame style, their appearance is immediately altered. Therefore, people are investing more money into the way they look with their glasses as much as the way the eyewear performs visually. The Boutique has become a very valuable resource for many patients throughout the greater Siouxland region who are looking to get a “Big City” optical experience. The Boutique prides itself on constantly thinking of our current patient base regarding what frames may actually be a possible solution for them. Periodically we will notify a customer with something we think might appeal to their eyewear fashion desires. You, too, can have this opportunity and be placed on a contact list to join the many others who are signing up for this service.

The Boutique at The River’s Edge and the “unique-look guarantee” are an incredible match of product and philosophy that has become the recipe for thousands of happy eyewear patients in the past decade. If you have never visited our optical, please feel free to stop in any time to browse. For the discerning eyewear consumer, make an appointment for a private eyewear styling. See what others are talking about and enjoy a customized eyewear solution that will having others ask you, “Where do you get those amazing glasses?” It is ok to tell others where you purchased them because your look is guaranteed at the The River’s Edge Optical!

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