Children’s Eyewear

Your child is born with a unique set of eyes.  These provide more than just a “window to the body”.  They are the “canvas” of the vision system that helps transmit images so your child can process information and enjoy one of life’s most precious gifts…. The Gift of Sight!

The River’s Edge Optical has one of the region’s most extensive collections of eyewear for your children, teens and young adults. Whether your child needs dress eyewear, sports goggles or sun protection, we are here to assist you.  With over 1,000 frames to choose from we have designer lines for the fashion savvy, popular brands and classic frames to meet everyone’s budget and look.

An important fact to understand is that children’s eye glasses are not just adult glasses scaled down to a smaller size.  Children’s glasses need to have the weight balance, particularly on either side of the nose bridge, because a child’s bridge isn’t yet fully developed.

The spectacles must not only be stylish, but also well-constructed. It should be sturdy with spring hinges and stronger metals that can withstand a child’s daily activity level.  There are a lot of cheap frames out there. We are not talking about price, but quality-wise. You need solid soldering points that you will be inaccessible on your own.

Young people have so many different face shapes and sizes, sometimes your optician will have to modify the frame selection to fit your child properly.

For example, changing temple lengths, replacing nose pads, etc…or just selecting a specific frame design for special needs children.

We make sure that your child’s glasses are comfortable, fit them properly and are fashionable.  We want your child to want to wear his/her new eyewear so their glasses can do their job.  Their function is to help your child’s visual system work properly.  Remember, your child is still learning how to see until they reach the ages of 7 – 9.

The eyewear your child wears every day is called dress eyewear and meets all the safety standards for just that.  If your child needs to wear their glasses while playing sports, specially designed sports goggles are recommended. Ordinary prescription glasses do not provide adequate protection.

We make sure our children wear the proper helmets and pads while playing sports; don’t forget the proper eyewear. And always remember “Vision is as integral to a child’s athletic development as is encouragement, technique, practice or natural ability”

  • Eye injuries are a leading cause of blindness in children.
  • Every 13 minutes an emergency room in the United States treats a sports related injury.
  • Most eye injuries among kids aged 11 to 14 occur while playing sports.
  • Each year in the United States more than 100,000 eye injuries are estimated to be sports related.  More than 42,000 of these sports related eye injuries require a visit to an emergency room.
  • One third of sports related eye injuries involve children.

        (above information provided by National Eye Institute)

Let’s not forget about proper sun wear protection.  Do your children wear sunglasses? Children’s exposure to UV rays are 3 times higher than adults.  Up until the age of 14, the eyes of young all-stars are still developing and are extra-sensitive to intense light.  The most dangerous of the sun’s rays are UV radiation and blue light, which strike the retina throughout the entire day.

We take care to lather up our children with creams that protect their skin from the harmful UV rays from the sun, but do we remember to protect their eyes from those same rays? The correct sun wear should block 100% of UV rays, which in turn could decrease the risk of various age related eye problems including cataracts. It should also filter out blue light to reduce the risk of age related macular degeneration and block glare without losing color perception.

The opticians at The River’s Edge optical are here to first educate you on your choices for your child’s eyewear, second help you select the proper eyewear that will fit your child‘s lifestyle and budget and third help your child maintain the fit of their new eyewear.  Anything used daily requires maintenance. Your automobile needs servicing to run at top performance, as does your eyewear.