Family Value Eyewear

When it comes to selecting and purchasing eyewear it can be a bit overwhelming.

The questions are:

  • Do I want function only?
  • Do I want style plus function?
  • Do I want just the basics?
  • Do I want advanced lens technology?
  • What can I afford?
  • What are my options?

The list of questions can go on and on.  It can seem all over the place.  At The River’s Edge Optical we provide a solution for every vision correction need, regardless of budget.

Our Family Value eyewear is a great option for the budget-conscious consumer who still wants quality and style. Using our family value eyewear, you can have a great looking frame with standard lenses at a very wallet friendly cost.  In addition, we price match guarantee all of our products sold in our optical. This assures we are checking our competitors and we are staying competitive with our prices as we battle for your business. But, if you on your own find the same eyewear and lens package at a lower cost in any brick and mortar optical store, we will gladly match it.

Our over 1000 frames in stock allows everyone to find the prefect look and financial solution to their eyewear needs. In addition, our finishing lab provides quality lens products at fair prices.

Bottom line. Family Value eyewear at River’s Edge. Better quality at a lower price. Guaranteed!