Eyewear Frames

Eyewear Frames from The River’s Edge Optical

Making a decision about your eyewear goes beyond good vision because eyewear can have a dual purpose; eyewear improves your vision and serves as a fashion accessory that can enhance, rather than detract, from your looks. Your decision in purchasing eyewear affects how you see, but also how you want to be seen by others.

At The River’s Edge Optical, we understand that finding ideal frames is an extremely important part of the overall function and aesthetics of your personalized eyewear. Not only do the right frames reflect your style and needs, they also protect your eyes. Our experienced opticians and staff can help choose the right frames for you!

Modern spectacle wearers have many fashionable frame options to choose from. However, there are certain prerequisites to choosing the right spectacle frame. You must make sure the frames you choose can accommodate the lens type your eye physician has prescribed for your condition and will suit your budget, personal style and possible skin allergies to particular materials. You must also take into consideration the shape of your face, your coloring and your lifestyle.

It can be an overwhelming task, but with over 60 years of combined experience the opticians at The River’s Edge Optical can make this process effortless for you. We take the time to evaluate the kind of eyewear that’s most suitable for your face and spectacle prescription.

Patients who choose to purchase eyewear over the internet  lose the advantage of personalized fittings and styling by trained and experienced teams of eyewear consultants like you will find at The River’s Edge. Our opticians will educate you on what to look for when selecting a frame; you do not have to do it on your own. Here are some helpful tips when choosing frames:

Select frame designs that contrast slightly with the contours of your face, bringing balance to your image. For example, a round-shaped frame tends to look better on more angular faces. The more square-shaped rims look better on round faces.

Consider comfort. Comfort is often understated when considering spectacles. If you find eyewear uncomfortable, then either you will not want to wear them, or your discomfort will show on your face while you are wearing them. An improper fitting frame can also affect how you see out of your new eyewear. It can also affect how the weight of the frame is balanced on your face, causing discomfort. Once again, our experienced team will get a perfect tailored fit for your face.

Choose your look. Make a statement with your eyewear! Have you ever considered that the frame surrounding the Mona Lisa Painting is just as beautiful as the actual painting? Eyewear frames should complement your face in the exact same way.
A frame should be considered a fashion accessory– not a necessity. Therefore, you must have fun with your selection.

Questions to consider . . .
Do you want your eyewear to blend in? A drill mount rimless or semi rimless might be right for you.

Are you conservative? Consider a metal frame.

Are you a little modern, but on the conservative side? How about a combination frame of metal and plastic with a hint of color.

If sporty is more your style, we have frames that will support your activities.

These are just examples of the potential thoughts our staff at The River’s Edge will guide you through to get the perfect eyewear match for you.

Choose a flattering frame color. When choosing a proper frame color, you need to look at your own coloring and other factors. Determine whether your skin coloring falls into the warm or the cool tones. Look for frame colors that compliment your hair color and eye coloring. Find colors that compliment the clothes you wear most often.

Define your price range. We have frames ranging in every price category. From Family Value  plastic and metal frames to Luxury Designer Chanel frames. The River’s Edge Optical leaves no patient behind. We understand the various demands that exist financially and from a functionality standpoint. We want to serve your needs, not ours!

Most of us have several different types of foot wear for different activities we are involved with. You would not wear dress shoes to run a marathon. We try, but sometimes one pair of glasses does not do it all. To perform at your best, you might need to have several different eyewear choices. Sunglasses, performance eyewear, dress eyewear, etc… Discuss your lifestyle with the opticians at The River’s Edge Optical. Together we can custom tailor a selection of eyewear that will suit all your optical needs.

We want to be your Optical specialist!

*Images from Solstice Sunglasses