Computer & Gaming Eyewear

According to a new study, adults in the U.S. spend an average of eight hours a day in front of some sort of digital screen, whether it is their television, computer, cellphone, tablet, etc. Throughout the day, our eyes are subjected to harsh, high intensity blue light and glare from the screen that is very different from the natural, less severe light our eyes are designed to transmit. Digital eye fatigue can result from the extra work our eyes have to do, leading to dry eyes, irritation, fatigue, and headaches. For more information on digital eye fatigue, click here. Fortunately, specific computer and gaming eyewear options are available to help protect and enhance your vision.

The experienced opticians at The River’s Edge Optical recommend specialized eyewear for any individual spending over 4 hours per day on a computer for improved visual performance. Think of computer eyewear like you would a comfortable chair and how that can lessen back strain when working all day at a desk. Today there are many new and exciting lens options and technology that can help you find a customized solution to seeing better!


Computer screens are normally positioned in the intermediate zone of vision – further than near vision, but closer than distance vision. Traditional glasses correct for near vision, distance vision, or both (bifocals). Trifocals and progressive lenses have some lens power for intermediate vision, but frequently not large enough regions for computer use. Computer glasses are specifically designed for the intermediate area of vision, providing a clear, wide field of view.

Special computer lenses include a variety of designs and styles. Single vision lenses have a modified lens power that eases the amount of adjustment necessary to keep objects at an intermediate distance in focus. Occupational progressive, bifocal, and trifocal lenses are similar to traditional progressive, bifocal, and trifocal lenses, respectively. However, they all have larger zones for intermediate vision that can be customized for your digital vision needs.

Computer lenses have special coatings and tints that help prevent eye discomfort. Anti-reflective coatings on both sides of the lens reduce reflections and glare that cause extra strain on the eye. Lens tints filter and balance the high intensity energy emitted from digital screens and fluorescent lighting, increasing contrast and aiding in visual recovery and “after-image” effects.


GUNNAR eyewear uses i-AMP lens technology to protect your vision, improve the optical environment, improve detail and focus, and reduce eye fatigue.

When we stare at a digital screen, our blinking rate decreases dramatically and our eye muscles flex to focus on near objects. These factors cause dry eye, irritation, and eyestrain. FRACTYL lens geometry in GUNNAR eyewear is highly curved, wrapping close to the face and forming a barrier from dry air currents, which relieves dry eye irritation. They also focus light before it reaches the eye so that the eye muscles can relax, and eyes feel less tired.

GUNNAR technology uses the lens material DIAMIX, which is durable and impact resistant while also maintaining maximum clarity and color control, creating crystal clear vision. The glasses use anti-reflective coatings and tints found in most computer eyewear to relieve eyestrain from glare and harsh overhead lighting. GUNNAR eyewear also has a hard, outer coating that prevents scratching and allows for exceptional visual function over time.

The River’s Edge staff assists many patients that are benefitting from the use of computer and gaming eyewear. An investment in computer or gaming eyewear can offer dividends including less vision fatigue and improved performance. Stop in The River’s Edge and find out what your perfect eyewear solution is for today’s visually demanding world.

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