Vision Medical Services

The River’s Edge Optical is conveniently located within the Dunes Eye Consultants and Dunes LASIK Center facility.  Dunes Eye Consultants is arguably one of the most progressive, diagnostic primary eye care centers in the region.  It provides a comprehensive clinic that services almost all the vision medical needs of the population we serve.  The unique combination of The River’s Edge Optical, Dunes Eye Consultants and Dunes LASIK Center provides a destination for patients that can provide them all the most current options in vision medical correction and vision medical treatment.

Dunes Eye Consultants offers specialized medical eye clinics for diabetes and dry eye syndrome.  Dunes LASIK Center is the only bladeless LASIK center in Siouxland.  Progressive, evidence-based vision medical treatment is the foundation for these two practices (Dunes Lasik Center).

Dunes Eye Consultants also offers urgent eye care on a daily basis.  On average, six to eight patients are seen daily for treatment of acute pink eye, sudden vision changes or loss, eye injuries, and workmen’s comp referral evaluations.  Our doctors are available after hours.  They carry their phones 24-7 for cases of urgent eye care needs.

For more information about comprehensive vision medical services, please contact the Dunes Eye Consultants office at (605) 232-6900.  We are providers for almost all medical insurance plans in the region.  We are also participating providers with many vision plans, which helps when contact lenses or glasses are indicated.