Q & A: Costa Del Mar Jose Performance Sunwear


Q & A with Ben B. on the Costa Del Mar Jose Performance Sunwear

1. How is the comfort of the frame?: The wrap keeps glare from coming in behind the frame. It is a good fit and very comfortable. I can bend over without feeling the frame slip.

2. How is vision through the lenses?: Vision is crisp and clear. There is a tremendous difference from the other lenses I wear. The copper color takes some of the shimmer out of the river water.

3. What was your first experience with the lenses?: It was a sunny afternoon day with pretty flat water at the Frying Pan River in Colorado.

4. Are they good, all-purpose glasses?: Right now I am only wearing these for fishing.

5. Overall, how do you feel about your Costa’s?: I am very excited about them and am amazed at the clarity I have when looking out over the water. My fishing buddies have tried them on and say they are switching to Costa!

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