Race + Rudy Project Rydon

Race/Rudy Project Rydon

Q: Do they keep dust and wind out of your eyes?

A: My eyes are very sensitive to wind. They easily water and make me uncomfortable when excessive wind gets into my eyes. These glasses protect my eyes from the wind extremely well. When cycling with the glasses, I get virtually no eye watering and can keep clear vision at speed.

Q: Does you have a wide field protection with the wrap lenses?

A: The way the lenses wrap around my face keep the wind and debris from my eyes. I am offered full coverage from light, as well. These are the best glasses I have ever used for protection, function and comfort.

Q: How does the tint of the lenses work for you on cloudy days, bright/sunny days or at dusk?

A: Cloudy Days: The lenses still offer a clear field of vision. While I mainly use the glasses to protect my eyes from wind and debris, my vision is still good on cloudy days without being too dark.

Bright/Sunny Days: These work as well as any others in this lighting environment. They allow my the ability to be out in the bright light for extended periods of time without headache or fatigue from squinting. During very sunny days I also prefer these for driving, as they provide eye shade while allow the clearest vision and best comfort.

Dusk: The only time I have used the glasses at dusk is when I have been driving all day or riding and require protection from eyewear. The lenses are light enough to get me home on a bike ride at dusk but still effectively see what I am doing.

Q: Are they good all-purpose glasses?

A: I originally obtained the glasses primarily for use while cycling. However, they are not only the best cycling glasses I have owned, but they are the most comfortable all day use glasses I have owned to date.

Q: In which activities do you wear them?

A: I wear these glasses for cycling, driving, boating and regular daily wear.

Q: What is your favorite thing about the lenses?

A: The versatility. The range of lighting conditions that I can use the glasses for is surprising to me, in a good way. I am absolutely impressed in every way with the fit, form, function and outright performance of these glasses. They have become my favorite pair of performance eyewear and I could not be happier with my choice.

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