Dunes Eye Consultants: The first in the U.S. to obtain the Visionix 7-in-1 Diagnostic Device




The VX120 is a first to world-market diagnostic device that is not yet available in the United States… unless you travel to Dakota Dunes, South Dakota. Dr. Steve Ferguson, OD will be welcoming this technology to his practice, Dunes Eye Consultants, on July 10, 2014. Dunes Eye Consultants is the first clinic in the United States to have this technology!

The VX120 is a 7-in-1 device that combines refraction, keratometry, aberrometry, topography, pupillometry, tonometry and pachymetry with fully automated measurements, including 3-D. The ultra-efficient 3-D alignment allows:

  • Precise measurements
  • Significant time saving
  • Great comfort of use for patient

Scans with the VX120 will cover diagnostic testing specific to glaucoma, cataracts, contact lens fittings, corneal application (pre-and-post LASIK) and basic screenings. This will allow simultaneous measurements to produce accurate data for the doctor and increase efficiency and comfort for the patient.

The new technology will also produce prescriptions for glasses (eyewear) at 1/100 D vs .25 D— a 25x increase in correcting vision verses traditional measurements.  Dunes Eye Consultants will be offering patients their own fingerprint customized prescription resulting in the most precise vision possible from their glasses.  The lenses can be made digitally through The River’s Edge Optical.

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