Dr. Ferguson’s 2013 Montana Fishing Trip

This past August I journeyed once again on my annual trip to the beautiful fly fishing region of Bozeman, Montana. And of course, I had to include a visit to The River’s Edge fly fishing shop (www.theriversedge.com).

Untitled1As I got in Thursday morning due to an overnight flight delay, my brother, Jeff, and I had to race out to Dillon, MT to hook up with our guide, Moe. We were fishing The Beaverhead. It was a spectacular day with 100% sunshine. To help with the sun, I wore my specially designed, polarized gray lenses provided to me by the Opticians at The River’s Edge Optical. With them I could see clearly into the river; they worked beautifully for a great day of trout fishing. After lunch Joker, my brother’s dog, and I did some wading and caught seven trout in this stream! Afterwards we culminated our evening with a great dinner at a wonderful restaurant in Bozeman.

Untitled2Friday we fished DePuy Spring Creek. Today’s guide was Tom, an expert in the fly fishing industry for over 30 years in the Bozeman area. Friday’s fishing included wading for 10 hours! When wade fishing, we essentially hunt the fish and watch for rising trout. We carefully delve into the water and cast into the right area and wait for the attack. This is traditional fishing and a completely different approach than floating down the river in a boat. I enjoyed it very much, but it is tiring. Wading through waist deep water for 10 hours is exhausting, but we had a great experience! We continued fishing into the evening, as the trout rise later in the day for their late-in-the-day hatch. The lighting was a bit inconsistent and softer, so I switched to my Smith Optics yellow lenses. With the lens change I was able to see everything. That night we finished our evening at the Livingston Chop House in Livingston, MT. This place is an annual stop for me, as it is a fabulous place to relax and have post-fishing dinner.

Untitled3My third and final day in Bozeman started off with a trip to The River’s Edge fly fishing shop. Jeff and I had a great time and the people there are so friendly! I acquired a few items to bring back with me and you will see them on display in our optical department. (to find out how we named out Optical after this shop, please click here )

Untitled4After visiting The River’s Edge, we proceeded down to Paradise Valley near Livingston and fished on the Yellowstone River. My sister-in-law, Barb, who is an expert fly fisherwoman, was also along with us. The fishing was inconsistent this day, but floating down the river in Paradise Valley is without compare. The scenery is gorgeous and the wildlife abundant; we saw an owl and caught some nice fish. The day was partly cloudy and there was a bit of haze to the lighting, so I used my Kaenon amber lenses for fishing. We did a lot of dry fly fishing, so being able to see the fly at approximately 30 feet from the boat was imperative to attacking the fish. The lenses worked beautifully and more fish were caught. That evening the three of us dined in Bozeman at a wine bar and restaurant called Plonk. This is another restaurant I have frequented over the past several years. The atmosphere and the food never disappoint.

On Sunday I was up bright and early heading back to South Dakota. It was a 72-hour whirlwind trip this year, but as always, it was a great experience. I was extremely happy to visit with the people at The River’s Edge shop, as well as see some old acquaintances. I’m looking forward to my 2014 trip, and I will again be very fortunate to have multiple sets of eyewear with me. I have no excuses for the fish that got away on my 2013 trip, as my eyewear was top notch.

I invite you to come see us at The River’s Edge Optical and experience some of the feelings from my staff that I received in Montana. After all, that was my entire inspiration when I developed this optical for you in 2002.

Until next time,

Dr. Ferguson